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Traiteur à Coussac-Bonneval en Haute-Vienne (87)


For your celebrations or perties, we can provide your meals and examine any take -away request

For the aperitif

For the aperitif
Cold savoury canapés: marinated salmon, ham, rillettes (French pâté), quail eggs with tomato, prawns…
0.90 € each
Warm appetizers: olive in puff pastry, mini quiche, mini tartlet, cheese sticks, prunes with bacon, black pudding with apple
1.00 € each

Hot fish

Hot fish
Rolled fish (subject to availability) and its vegetables
Seafood gratin
Le gratin de fruits de mer
10.00 € each
Monkfish fricassee, bacon cubes and cream sauce
13.00 € per pers

Cold starters

Les entrées froides
Salmon terrine in jelly
(10 personnes minimum)
4.50 € per pers
Seasonal vegetables terrine and its coulis of tomato with basil
(10 personnes minimum)
4.00 € per pers
Hake steak with mayonnaise
(5 personnes minimum)
7.50 € per pers
Duck terrine with hazelnuts
(10 personnes minimum)
4.50 € per pers
Limousine gourmet salad
7.00 € per pers
Pancakes of smoked salmon, and horseradish cream
(3 eachs)
10.50 € per pers
Homemade duck Foie Gras cooked in its fat
4.00 € per pers
Seafood platter
(Oysters, mussels, prawns and shrimps, ½ crab…)
(2 persons minimum, order before Wednesday)
à partir de 27.00 € per pers


Les viandes
Veal pie and its port sauce
9.50 € per pers
Poultry fricassee with ceps
9.50 € per pers
Duck leg stew
7.50 € per per
Poultry drumsticks stuffed with vegetables
7.50 € per per
Cassolette of sweetbreads with vegetables
11.50 € per per
Pork filet mignon in mushroom pastry
9.50 € per per
Cold meat and its condiment (seasoning)
À partir de 6.50 € per pers

These meals are served in single-use dishes

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